White Fields

WCF believes strongly in the first principle of the one Body. We are one in Christ, with no distinction across national barriers or socioeconomic differences. As members of Christ’s family, we have an obligation to show his love to all. WCF launched its White Fields program in that very spirit some 15 years ago. Since 2004, WCF has underwritten the placements of over 140 volunteers in 20 countries on 5 continents.

We bear a special obligation to show faith to those who have not seen it. White Fields is an opportunity to extend assistance to those in greatest need. This assistance is given freely, with no strings attached.  It is given with the faithful, loving spirit we have learned from our Lord. Experiencing this help can help to sprout seeds of faith for good—and for life.

WCF continues its White Fields work around the world. We work with partners committed to the simple principle that showing faith is both our obligation and creates the soil in which faith can sprout and grow. We help those who want to give of their time and show faith to those in need. And we harness that transforming service as inspiration for good in others.

We sponsor White Fields workers in countries around the world to advance this part of our mission. We welcome discussion with any who would like to participate in changing the lives of others—and transform their own faith, too.