WCF Videos

WCF has produced several videos on a number of topics for personal or ecclesial use. Many of these videos are available in multiple languages and some are even closed captioned. You can watch the full-length videos below.

Faith Talks


Featured Video

I Once Was Blind

Series—Faith in the Face of Adversity


The Runges’ Story

Mary Styles’ Story

The Scheepers’ Story

Carol Foster’s Story

Helping Others

The Weedons’ Story

Margaret Howarth’s Story

Better Listening

Series—Introducing . . .

Introducing Jesus

Introducing the Bible

Introducing Jesus - Chinese

Introducing the Bible - With Chinese Subtitles

Series—God’s Family Around the World

God’s Family Around the World - Russia

God’s Family Around the World - El Salvador

God’s Family Around the World - Jamaica

God’s Family Around the World - India

Other Videos

God’s Land of Promises

Conflict in the Middle East

The Return of Christ - Soon

The Kingdom of God on Earth - The Christian Hope

Bible Prophecy is Reliable