Humanitarian Outreach


WCF is committed to humanitarian acts of kindness freely given in a spirit of compassion. We honor the principles of giving to those in greatest need and loving your neighbor as yourself. Our humanitarian outreach focuses on three areas where we see particularly urgent needs in our world today:








Providing food, shelter and education to the poor and underprivileged. These are the most basic of human needs. We have underwritten them for the truly needy in the United States and around the world.


Assisting refugee resettlement and integration. Record numbers of people are on the move throughout the world, often seeking to escape war and persecution. We have helped refugees find new homes, take English as a Second Language (ESL) courses and connected them with ongoing support networks to help them become constructive members of new communities. Recipients are often on the second or third legs of a journey begun through the UN High Commission for Refugees.


Helping those in financial, medical and emotional crisis. Bad things happen in the lives of many. We believe in helping those who have stumbled. This includes assisting in the cost of emergency medical procedures, help to those who have lost employment or those facing a sudden challenge due to emotional difficulties.


Here are some examples of the work we have supported across the three areas.

Happy’s school for the Physically impaired

Repaired facilities, added a gym for rehab work and funds for physical therapists, fundraising for much needed wheelchairs, repaired wheelchairs that were in state of disrepair, spend time weekly with the students encouraging them and playing games with them.

Community cleanups

Removing trash and providing trash bins for communal areas in the neighborhoods surrounding our creches.

Creche care education

Volunteers deliver courses in townships to help instruct creche caretakers on how to care for, feed and educate children in a safe, healthy and effective way. This is a service at the community level that improves the quality of day care and the health of the children.

Special assistance cases

Such as Nozipho Gumede in Durban – Helping to provide medical healthcare and equipment so that disabled individuals can improve their disability resulting in abilities to use their hands, feet, arms, etc, improving their quality of life.

Food bundle programs

Working in partnership with the Township communities to identify the neediest families and provide food bundles that help them feed their families.

India Child Nutrition Programme

Christadelphian Indian Rehabilitation Inc.

This program carries out rehabilitation for leprosy patients in India.

Christadelphian Shunem Home

Supports vulnerable children and elderly in Hyderabad, India.


COPT Trust

Bethezer Dormitory

Phnom Penh, Camboadia. Housing college students otherwise too poor to afford capital city living costs:

One student, Sareth, is studying Electronics and Telecommunications at Royal University of Phnom Penh.

I’m from a poor family. I try to study hard and I have a part time job, from which I get $70 per month. I get a lot of advantages from the dorm. I don’t pay to rent a house, or for electricity or water, so I can save money. The dorm has some training courses which give me new knowledge, teach me to solve problems, and help me to learn team work with the other dormers.

Vanuatu: Kalpalpal School, Tanna

WCF has financially supported the Kapalpal School on the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu. The school, made partially of earth bags serves over 200 students. Recently, critically needed text books were printed and shipped to the school. Below are some of the school’s students and staff.

Vietnam: Three year English courses, Ho Chi Minh City

Due to concerns for the personal security of our beneficiaries in Vietnam, WCF publicy posts very minimal information on this region in order to mitigate the possibility of individuals being identified.

Medical needs

WCF is available to assist when health care costs are beyond the patient’s reach.

Young Jack from Texas has insulin dependent diabetes. A service dog with the capability of detecting dangerously low sugar levels on Jack’s breath was provided to serve as an early warning system to keep Jack’s diabetes in check.

Six year old Tristen, born with congenital heart defects has required corrective surgeries and has had to battle bacterial endocarditis. The ever increasing medical expenses were a growing concern for his mother. Through generous gifts from our donors, WCF was able to help–and Tristen extended his thanks!

Economic development projects

These project provide an opportunity to find meaningful work and escape the poverty that is endemic in the developing world. Recently WCF has provided funding for a fish farm on the island nation of East Timor—considered the second hungriest nation on earth. The farm, when in production, will not only provide gainful employment, but an important source of protein to a hungry nation. In addition to ponds for raising fish, a structure has been built on the property to accommodate the workers and a farm office. A well has been drilled and electricity has been brought in from a main line 400 metres away. To provide a balanced diet, a vegetable garden has been planted and pens built to raise chickens and pigs. Below are the workers responsible for building the concrete ponds to raise tilapia.

Currently unemployment on the island approaches 80%. Enterprises such as this, once they become self sufficient, can improve the economic prospects for the workers, their community and the nation at large.

Refugee support and resettlement

This is an ongoing program undertaken by the Foundation. Monthly support is provided to refugees in Europe awaiting resettlement. Refugees, upon arriving in North America have also been the recipients of financial and logistical support arranged by WCF.