What is Build Up?

This WCF effort to renew faith in North America is designed with four outcomes in mind:

  • Grow people’s trust in God and so build a stronger household

  • Supply encouragement and better tools to live by faith—and so draw others to God

  • Grow more fruit of the spirit and thus give glory to God

  • Mitigate the negative influence of today’s culture

WCF 2019 Build Up Initiatives 

WCF Faith Studio

WCF will once again begin to produce multi media productions to inspire faith. We plan to start with a podcast and migrate into exciting video “faith talks” and best practice documentaries.

WCF Surveys

In order to guide WCF faith building efforts with real issues and desirable solutions, WCF has formed a survey team to collect, analyze and inform with credible data.

WCF Scholar Intern Program

The new WCF faith scholarship program is being designed to prepare our youth for the pressures of the college environment, and cultivate their individual faith. This will be done through a combination of classroom studies, self-development exercises, interaction with faithful brothers and sisters and making active contributions to the development of faith building tools for use by all.

WCF Music network

The WCF Music Network is meant to encourage the development and expression of faith through the medium of music. We will work together to develop a North America wide network of musicians and music lovers with a goal of holding uplifting regional music events and publishing open source “songs of faith” for use in many venues.

Work Together With WCF in Cultivating Faith by:

  • Listening and sharing our podcasts and videos

  • Taking surveys

  • Participating in Music Network and Events

  • Using a Best Practice to Starting a Faith Initiative in your Ecclesia

  • Donate time or funds to WCF