Exciting News About the WCF Faith Build Up Survey…

“Hot Off the Press!”

During the summer of 2019 a Faith Build Up Survey was distributed.  A total of 254 surveys were completed. The survey results are currently being reviewed and analyzed. A Final Detailed Report on the Survey Results will be prepared and shared with the community.

This is a ‘sneak preview’ of the exciting results!

The Good/Great News:

  • faith definitions include of an active, positive, vibrant, praying faith

  • the Christadelphian community and ecclesias are described as kind, loving, close-knit, supportive, understanding and Biblically strong 

  • numerous faith strengthening activities were highlighted

  • individual’s skills and talents are being used in ecclesia

  •  many skills and talents were described

  • a number of creative and new Faith Building Activities were supported

The Challenges:

  • numerous faith weakening activities were identified

  • legalism, internal conflict and lack of openness to change appear to exist in our community

What Are the Next Steps?

  • Continue to distribute the Survey in September and October

  • Prepare a final report

  • Develop and implement new, creative Faith Building Initiatives


Stay Tuned for Faith Build Up Activities coming soon!