Please Take Our Survey - Your Opinion Counts!

September 17, 2019

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,

The WCF is distributing surveys throughout North America with the aim of gathering real data on the status of faith in our community. It is our hope that with this information we can tailor programs to meet the actual needs of our brothers, sisters, young people and friends within Christadelphia. We want to understand how to support you in your walk to the Kingdom!

Please consider giving ten minutes of your time to complete this anonymous survey. To do so, click here:

Please note - If you already completed this survey during the summer at Bible Schools, please do not take it again. But we really would appreciate it if you would forward it to your contacts!

We invite all who attend an ecclesia to participate; young, old, baptized or not- we want to know the things that build your faith and what challenges you are facing.

Please forward this email to as many people on your contact list as possible. Other options are to post this on your Facebook news feed, or on Instagram, Twitter, etc.

We are excited to share the results of the survey with all who are interested. You can see the preliminary results starting November 2019 by visiting our Survey Page.

To read more on our mission to Build Faith, visit

Thanks for your participation.

Grace and peace,

WCF Faith BuildUP Survey Team

Bro. Andy Joiner
Bro. Duncan Kenzie (team lead)
Sis. Gillian Kenzie
Sis. Chloe Oddleifson
Bro. Howard Schlottman
Sis. Marcia Smoke
Sis. Erin Taggart