Renewing Faith Together

Our Road to Victory

Whatever is born of God overcomes the world; 
and this is the victory that overcomes the world, our faith. 
1 John 5:4-5 RSV

A WCF Build-Your-Faith Convening

Saturday March 30

9:30 - Faith Brings Victory *
Mark Drabenstott

  • Why faith brings victory

  • We must focus on the full measure of faith:  ‘The Faith’ + Trust

  • In spite of what we know, the trends in our Community are disturbing: Will he find faith when He comes?

10:15 - Faith Grows Together *
Mark Drabenstott

  • From Noah onward, God has made clear a collective purpose and journey

  • We grow more faith together than apart

  • WCF is focused on faith, and we seek a strong partnership in which together, we cultivate faith

11:15 - Leveraging White Fields for Our Future *
Cam Beeler

  • What is the White Fields Program and What’s Been Learned?

    • Touch to Teach is the best way to preach

    • Humanitarian aid flows best from faith—works & faith working together

    • Service to those in need transforms our personal faith

  • White Fields Faith Personal Stories

  • Where is WF Headed?

    • How can you get involved?

    • How can you leverage WF workers?

12:15 - Lunch

1:45 - Build Up to Renew Faith in North America *
Paul Elliott

  • The current faith landscape: A review of recent trends

  • What are possible solutions in WCF’s BuildUP Program?

    • Faith Talks

    • Faith Stories Podcasts

    • Faith Scholars

    • Faith Surveys—Did You Know?

    • Youth Development Programs

    • Music Platform

  • What can be done together? First Reports from:

    • Faith Scholars Curriculum

    • Faith Stories Podcasts/Video

    • Youth Development Leadership Summit

3:15 Coffee Break

3:45 - Faith Roundtables
Mark Drabenstott

  • Facilitated Discussion within Key Groups:

    • Regional Roundtables

    • Cleveland Youth Roundtable

    • Cleveland Parents Roundtable

    • Cleveland Seniors Roundtable

  • With Three Key Goals:

    1. Prioritize top three faith challenges

    2. Prioritize top three programs for immediate effort

    3. Identify three best ways to engage more people in this effort

  • And one required outcome:

    • A 1.5 page summary report emailed to by 6pm

6:00 - Dinner

7:30 - Building Faith Through Music *

  • Vision of WCF’s effort to lift up music in our Community

  • A taste of things to come


Sunday March 31

10:00 - The Cleveland Faith Communique
Mark Drabenstott & Others

  • Summary report from the roundtable groups

  • A Faith Communique founded on the group consensus

  • A Group call to action

11:00 - The Road Ahead: The Faith that Perseveres
Mark Drabenstott

  • Above all else, faith perseveres.

  • No matter the challenges we face, we can do this.

  • We will do far more together than apart.

  • When we persevere, faith conquers all (The Seven Letters message)

12:00 - Lunch

* This presentation will be live broadcasted here