2020 Faith Intern Scholarship Program

Are you planning to attend college or university?  Are you interested in cultivating your own faith and the faith of others?  Then be a part of this new program designed to help strengthen your faith for a lifetime.

Apply for the 2020 WCF Faith Intern Scholarship Program and, upon acceptance, be one of a number of students to:

  • Receive a $6,000 US scholarship stipend toward next year’s college costs

  • Participate in a summer Faith-Building and Intern Work Program

  • Learn how to live a faithful, Godly life in a faith-hostile environment

  • Acquire and develop faith-building tools that help you meet faith challenges head on

  • Be part of an interactive personal development group of your peers

  • Gain work experience as a WCF Intern to strengthen leadership and workplace skills

  • Glean the stories of faith and the lessons learned from other brothers and sisters  

When : Summer 2020

Where :  TBD

Format : Two weeks of faith-focused interactive classroom discussion. Then three weeks of coached work projects that will create faith-building tools that serve others.  Daily group devotions, led by group members.

Open to residents of the USA or Canada.

Apply now

For More Information: email@wcfoundation.org