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Baltimore Fall Gathering

Saturday October 19 - Sunday October 20

Baltimore Hall

Subject : Full Assurance of Faith

Brother Mark Vincent (Sterling, UK)

Friday October 18th at 7pm 

Please join us to kick off the event with a presentation by Brother Chris Wubbels on the topic: Building Better Together: WCF and the Faith Build Up

Saturday October 19th

Brother Mark Vincent (Stirling, UK) will give classes on the theme: 

Full Assurance of Faith

9am    Travelers' breakfast

10am   Faith Built on Evidence

11am   Faith in a Hostile Culture


2pm    The Power of Faith

Music and recreation in the afternoon and evening!

5pm Dinner at the Link's home

Evening Campfire Discussion:  Defending Your Faith

Sunday October 20th

Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland

Rouse Company Foundation (RCF) Student Services Hall, 4th floor. 

Parking Lots B and C


9:30 am    Faith in the Face of Weakness and Doubt

11:00 am   Exhortation: Faith’s Greatest Triumph

Followed by lunch and fellowship!

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7:00 PM19:00

Southern California Music Weekend

Southern California Music Weekend

Theme: “Reasons for Praise”

Please come to participate and be uplifted by a weekend of musical praise!

We will have a praise and performance night at 7:00pm on Saturday, all musicians and singers who want to be involved should contact Levi and Jessica Gelineau at leviandjessica@gmail.com

Any questions about accommodations to Kellie at mail@gelineau.org

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Picton Harvest Gathering

  • Picton Community Centre (map)
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Building Together

WCF’s mission is to cultivate faith together. The path of faith is one that is meant to be shared. Come join us for a weekend of engaging talks that will encourage your faith, practical discussions to facilitate ideas to help us grow faith as a community, and fellowship with those of like minded faith.

Speakers: Mark Drabenstott, Paul Elliott and Cam Beeler

We will cap off the day on Saturday with an evening of music and worship.

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