Upcoming Events

Picton Harvest Gathering, September 14-15, 2019

Building Together

WCF’s mission is to cultivate faith together. The path of faith is one that is meant to be shared. Come join us for a weekend of engaging talks that will encourage your faith, practical discussions to facilitate ideas to help us grow faith as a community, and fellowship with those of like minded faith.

Speakers: Mark Drabenstott, Paul Elliott and Cam Beeler

We will cap off the day on Saturday with an evening of music and worship.

Picton Community Centre
375 Main St., Picton, ON

Register by emailing: Celia_sage@yahoo.com

Picton Gathering Website

Boston Music Weekend, September 28-29, 2019

The Boston Music Weekend will be on September 28th and 29th at the Stoughton Christadelphian Meetinghouse (48 Freeman St, Stoughton MA). Saturday's Schedule will include a Hymn-Sing Workshop at 4:00 pm, dinner at 5:30, and an evening of musical worship at 7:00. Special invitation to ANY and ALL musicians who are interested in participating in any way. Contact Peter Davis for more information (pdavis513@gmail.com)

For questions regarding housing, contact Sandy Davis at (508)-339-2467 OR sandydavis.mom@gmail.com

Southern California Music Weekend, October 26-27, 2019

Simi Hills Christadelphian Hall

Theme: “Reasons for Praise”

Please come to participate and be uplifted by a weekend of musical praise!

We will have a praise and performance night at 7:00pm on Saturday, all musicians and singers who want to be involved should contact Levi and Jessica Gelineau at leviandjessica@gmail.com

Any questions about accommodations to Kellie at mail@gelineau.org

Baltimore Gathering, October 19, 2019

Baltimore Hall, 9am
Subject : Full Assurance of Faith
Brother Mark Vincent (Aberdeen UK)

The event, supported by the WCF BuildUp initiative, includes the topics,

1. Faith Built on Evidence
2. Faith in a Hostile Culture
3. The Power of Faith

Lunch together will be followed by afternoon sports (venue TBA) and an evening of music and a campfire chat, Defending Your Faith.
For more information contact Sister Anna Hewitson anhewitson@gmail.com

Past Events

Cleveland, March 30-31 2019

Faith Communique