Build Up 

Since our founding in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1976, WCF has been anchored in our common belief in the Gospel, summarized in Acts as “the things concerning the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ.” Belief in that powerful Gospel is cornerstone to faith.  But faith cannot be just a theological statement. It rests on the Gospel but reaches its fullest measure when we trust God in every part of life. That is the powerful refrain of Abraham, David, Paul and a legion of Bible lives given for our learning.  

We need more of this kind of faith in our Community. That need is all around us, even if not fully perceived or defined.  Many of our ecclesias are struggling. Too many of our youth are leaving, whether pulled away by a world hostile to faith or disillusioned by a lack of faith in action. The simple conclusion is this: Our numbers are shrinking in many quarters.

We want to help spur a faith renaissance among us. We believe this can happen best when we build together—a faith ‘Barn Raising’ for our time, if you will. We are developing innovative tools for that critical building task. Some of these tools will help bolster ecclesias. Others will help us all put faith at the center of decision and doing in every chapter of our lives. Still others will fortify our programs to nurture faith in our youth, especially as they enter college or the workforce.

There is plenty of building to be done. and no time to waste. We’re here to help us all get started and see it through. This is work for all of us—young and old alike. Together we can ensure that our Community has great faith in God when His Son returns.