Thanks for your interest in the WCF websites. We’re very excited to be able to offer this resource to the Christadelphian community. God willing, we’ll be able to work together to boost your ecclesia’s outreach and inreach efforts.

The World-Wide Web has become a phenomenal resource for study material on just about every topic. Many turn to the internet to learn about God and His plan and purpose, as well as to find people of similar focus. As a world-wide community we need to be there. The Williamsburg Christadelphian Foundation appreciates that running a website involves technical expertise which you may not have available to you. Therefore, we have taken on the task of developing the ways and means (and some content) to get you up-and-running quickly and easily.

WCF offers six versions of the website template. These sites are intended primarily to aid your ecclesia with reaching out to the surrounding community. Such a site is meant to be a tool for introducing yourself to people who might be curious enough to accept an invitation to join an activity or show up at your meeting place. The template also provides great resources for your ecclesial members, such as Daily Readings widget, direct link to ecclesial events, a news page, and even a Thought for the Week widget!

If you've just started researching this resource, download the User Guide which includes information on what the sites are for and how to get one from WCF. If you already know you'll be getting a site from us, you can use this site to browse through the six versions available and select the one you want. When you're ready for us to give you your site files,

Download the User Guide. (2MB)

Visit the WCF website.

Click below to see the templates. Then click any image to enter a fully working version.